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This will be the penultimate project blog post, and  I will be linking to all of the project outputs now that the training materials are complete.

We have now made publicly available under a CC-BY-SA licence:

A self-study training course called Sending Your Research Into the Future. This is in HTML format for putting on a Web site. If you unzip the files and preserve the folder structure it should just work. No special functionality is needed from the Web server. Feel free to hack the materials to suit your own needs – that’s why they are in easily-editable HTML format. There is a single style sheet that you can edit if you don’t like our choice of colours!

Presentations are available for trainer-led sessions in both

(identical content; again, rename the downloaded file to .zip). There are also some Prezi presentations with a slightly different content. Presentations tend to be quite “personal” to the trainer, so feel free to hack them about for your own purposes.

All of the above training materials are also available on open access from JORUM and LSE Learning Resources Online.

The other project outputs have been mentioned previously in this blog but they are repeated here just to consolidate the information in one place. The only exception will be the project’s final report, which will be added in a few days in the last blog post! These are all publicly available under a CC-BY-SA licence:

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